Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Percona CLOUD TOOLS -- MySQL Metrics

So I really like the fact that Percona is reaching out and offering solutions to help analyze MySQL concerns or issues with

It is pretty easy to install. The fastest way is to have the Percona YUM repo installed, I have another blog about that if needed,  so you will have the pt-agent installed.

This was done easily because I had a .my.cnf file set up for the root user, otherwise you have to set up username and password information.

Log into first then go and install the agent:

# pt-agent --install
Step 1 of 12: Verify the user is root: OK
Step 2 of 12: Check Perl module dependencies: OK
Step 3 of 12: Check for crontab: OK
Step 4 of 12: Verify pt-agent is not installed: OK
Step 5 of 12: Verify the API key:
Enter your API key: <API KEY HERE provided on the percona website>
Step 5 of 12: Verify the API key: OK
Step 6 of 12: Connect to MySQL: OK
Step 7 of 12: Check if MySQL is a slave: NO
Step 8 of 12: Create a MySQL user for the agent: OK
Step 9 of 12: Initialize /etc/percona/agent/my.cnf: OK
Step 10 of 12: Initialize /root/.pt-agent.conf: OK
Step 11 of 12: Create the agent: OK
Step 12 of 12: Run the agent: pt-agent has daemonized and is running as PID 16333:

  --lib /var/lib/pt-agent
  --log /var/log/pt-agent.log
  --pid /var/run/

These values can change if a different configuration is received.

Simple as that..  Then you just log back into the Percona website  to enable and adjust any of your agent settings per system.

Give it about 15 mins to gather the first amount of data and then you are all set to have data at your finger tips.  You will just click the "Query Analytics" button provided on the website.

Depending on your branch of MySQL you will get different analytics, obviously Percona would prefer you to use Percona Server 5.5.34 or higher with their tools, but it works with all MySQL.

Once your agent as sent data back to Percona, you will be able to display graphs on the Server Summary per query count, query time, lock time, rows sent, rows examined, query length as well as information provided via the query profile.

"Filesort Filesort on disk Full join Full scan Query cache hits Temporary tables Temporary tables on disk are available only for Percona Server." --

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