Friday, January 3, 2014

Hard work that goes unnoticed ....

I took a moment today and updated one of my Linux distributions.  In this distribution I happen to have Percona 5.6 installed as the MySQL Database. I have mentioned before how you can set up your choice of MySQL via a Yum repository.

My point here is though, how do we ever thank these people for all the work they do?

Many of these repositories are run by companies and these people get paid for what they do. Yet, through survey's and general observation/questions of the Linux (including Debian/Ubuntu) community, a majority of people will not upgrade until it is available in their distribution. I happen to be  one who wants to stay on top of security and bug fixes, so I have the yum repository update from the source as often as possible.

My point is,  a lot of work goes into packaging of these files for distribution and for the most part it looks like a pretty thankless job. I recall the older (not old but older) days of tar and gzip, when you had to dig and find the dependencies yourself. -- ./configure..  nope need something else go download and install that then try again.....

I just upgraded 25 different packages in a few moments, which would have taken some time before. While Yum and Apt Get are far from new, and I sound like an old timer here, I just thought it might be nice to say thanks, to all of the people who work behind the scenes to make all of our Linux experiences, let alone the related MySQL installs, easier and smoother.

I will point out that Oracle does have 5.6 packages now available.

I recall that my previous post mentioned how it had not been. 

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