Tuesday, June 11, 2013

MySQL < 5.5 replication to MySQL 5.6

After hours of frustration..... I will put it simply as do not upgrade to MySQL 5.6 if you are running any  version less that MySQL 5.5.

You have to upgrade to MySQL 5.5 first to keep your sanity and data in tact.

Lots of blog posts and information are available about the password changes in MySQL 5.6 and I support them. I even updated the MySQL 5.6 passwords and the box was up and running just fine. The problem was replication. I had to replicate from a MySQL version less than MySQL 5.5 and it simply would not run. I disabled secure_auth and could connect but still no luck with replication.

While I support replication as an upgrade path, take the time and stick with MySQL 5.5 first.

I ended up downgrading to MySQL 5.5 and everything runs just fine now. If you have to downgrade your MySQL version I had to follow many of the same steps I did in my Maria diaster post to get the box back up.