Wednesday, May 29, 2013

MySQL 4.1 -- Please Upgrade

A MySQL DBA is often asked to help with various versions of MySQL.

| 4.1.18-classic |
But I beg you all... Evaluate your options and upgrade. 

MySQL has made numerous SECURITY issues updates let alone performance updates. Check your version of MySQL. If it is anything below 5.5  or at a big stretch 5.1.69 PLEASE UPGRADE. 

While you might consider your database "working" and available for upgrade when it breaks.... Will it require some work... Yes. Will it save you in the long run.. Yes . Will you get more out of your system... Yes...  Could you take advantage of fixed bugs... Yes.   Would you rather be "broken" by a security vulnerability?  

Stop and think for a moment about what you will say to the CEO when the CEO asks why did you get hacked ?

Take a look at your system against the known security vulnerabilities:


Take advantage of all the new versions available: